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Pop music runs in the family for Bergen-via-Ålesund Sigrid; she's the younger sister of the indie crooner Tellef Raabe and has appeared in his live band. But with "Don't Kill My Vibe" she's set to become a smash not just in her home country but all across Europe.

I can't stress enough how big a tune "Don't Kill My Vibe" really is. Don't let the gentle intro mislead you; beginning with subtle piano and warped synths, it allows us to be introduced to Sigrid's big and striking voice - the voice of a true pop star. Slowly but surely the pace increases until those piano chords are being bashed out over booming drums, the synths are bright and overwhelming and Sigrid unleashes her voice in the chorus. This isn't your balladeering Adele voice or the vocal gynmastics of a Mariah, there's almost a little break when she emotes in the chorus, roaring the song's title. It's not quite a rock vocal but there's a hint of a gravelly rasp which sets her apart from any other pop singer out there.

Sigrid's voice suits the theme of the track completely. Singing lines like "try to hold it down / I know the answer / I can't shake it off and you feel threatened by me / I try to play it nice...but oh, DON'T KILL MY VIBE!" this is empowerment at its best. Inspired by a writing session, it could equally be applied to someone attempting to be controlling in a relationship. Sigrid's having none of it. "You think you're so important to me, don't you?" she scorns and scolds. Then comes a giddy, clapping, chanted bridge (you have to see Sigrid perform live, it's life-affirming) and the chorus returns with renewed vigour. Honestly, this track is incredible and you're not going to escape it.

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