Frequently Asked Questions

Your Account

Do I need to create an account to order?

No, once you've selected the tickets you require you can checkout without creating an account by selecting "I'm new here" and entering your billing details.

How do I create a Ticketline account?

Click here to create an account or select 'Sign up' at the top of the page. Creating an account lets you specify which shows you receive details of, meaning you only hear about the events you're interested in. Within your account you can also save your address details, reducing the time it takes to purchase tickets.

You can then choose to save your postal details if you like, which will be securely stored by us, saving you time next time you order. This can be especially important when popular events go on sale - it could make the difference between getting tickets and missing out.

I've forgotten my password, what do I do now?

Click Forgot Your Password? and enter your email address. We will send you an email with a link to reset your password.

What do I do if I move house/change my address?

Please make sure your address in your account is up to date. If you've moved since buying tickets and haven't yet received them please contact Customer Services, who can ensure your tickets reach your new address.

Delivery & Collection

When will I receive my tickets?

Posted tickets should reach you at least 7 days before the event unless tickets are being collected from the venue. Where tickets are booked within 14 days of an event and are being posted, tickets should reach you at least 2 days before an event.

E-tickets will be attached to your confirmation email as a PDF. Please note, during busy periods it can take up to 24 hours for the confirmation email to arrive in your inbox. Sometimes e-tickets may be sent out closer to the date of the event. Where this is the case it will be indicated both during the booking process, where e-tickets are selected and in the Purchase Confirmation email.

You can track your order progress from the Order Tracking page. Enter your Customer Number and Order Number from your confirmation email in the boxes provided.

If our order tracking page doesn't answer your query, please contact Customer Services.

I am ordering tickets for an event taking place in the next 5 days. Will you post my tickets to me?

If you are ordering tickets for an event that is taking place in the next 5 days, where there is no e-ticket option, you will need to collect your tickets at the venue box office. Please note that tickets must be collected by the card holder in person who will be asked to present the card that was used to buy the tickets.

What is the procedure for collecting tickets at a venue?

When you are collecting tickets from the venue, you will need to go to the venue box office.

Tickets will be left in the name of the card holder that booked tickets for the event. The card holder must collect the tickets in person and may need to present the card they used to book the tickets and valid ID.

I was told I would receive my tickets 1 week before the event and I haven't received them.

E-tickets will be attached to your confirmation email as a PDF. Please check your junk/spam folders to check that they have not been put into there.

If you have booked physical tickets, you can track your order progress from the Order Tracking page. Enter your Customer Number and Order Number from your confirmation email in the boxes provided.

We always do our best to ensure you have received your tickets 1 week before the event at the very latest. However occasionally this is not possible due to circumstances beyond our control, such as a delay in the tickets being printed and sent through to us.
If we are unable to post them to you in time, we will make alternative arrangements for you to collect your tickets at the venue.

If you have not received your tickets 1 week before an event, or 2 days before an event where tickets have been booked within 2 weeks of an event, please contact Customer Services.

For events taking place Monday to Friday, the latest you can inform us of non-receipt of tickets is 12 noon on the day of the event. For events on a Saturday or Sunday, please let us know by 12 noon the Friday before. If you do not let us know by this time, we cannot guarantee you will be allowed entry.

My friend has booked tickets for the same event as me. She has already received her tickets and I haven't.

Tickets for some performances may be sent out in batches. You should receive your tickets very soon. Alternatively, your friend could have purchased their tickets from a different ticket agent. Sometimes different agents receive their tickets from the promoters of the event at slightly different times. If you have any concerns, please contact Customer Services.

I have been sent the wrong number of tickets/the wrong tickets.

Please contact Customer Services.

What if I print more than one copy of my e-ticket or a photocopy is made?

Only the first scan of the barcode on your ticket will be allowed entry to the event. If more than one copy were to be scanned, the bar code scanner will alert the door staff that the ticket has already been scanned and any further attempts to gain entry with the same barcode will be refused.

If you think that someone may have a copy of your e-ticket, contact Customer Services as soon as possible and they will do what they can to help.

How do I save my e-ticket?

Please note: e-tickets are not available for all events, if you did not select it as a delivery method, you will not receive an e-ticket.

  1. Double click on the attachment
  2. Choose to SAVE the file
  3. Create a file name and the folder to save the file to
  4. Click on "Save" to save the file onto your computer

I have lost my tickets, what should I do?

If you have misplaced your tickets, you should contact Customer Services as soon as possible.

We will do whatever we can to help, however you should be aware that it is not always possible for missing tickets to be replaced. Where tickets can be replaced a duplication fee may be charged.

Event Alerts

What information will I receive if I subscribe to your event alerts?

Within your account you can opt in to receive tailored weekly event alerts, notifying you of relevant new shows and events.

You will also receive exclusive pre-sale invitations, so that you can keep one step ahead and have a better chance of securing tickets to shows that you simply can't miss.

How do I subscribe to your event alerts?

If you already have a Ticketline account, click here to sign in. Enter your email address and password to login, then select Alert Preferences where you can choose which alerts you would like to receive.

If you do not currently have a Ticketline account, click here to create one. Enter your email address and a password, then once logged in click Alert Preferences and select which alerts you would like to receive.

I am not receiving your event alerts even though I have subscribed. What shall I do?

Mail that you might be expecting from Ticketline could get unintentionally blocked by your email program's spam filters.

To prevent this from happening, add to your address list to guarantee that you receive our event alerts. Some email programs refer to this as "whitelisting" or a "safe or trusted sender list".

If you were expecting an email from us prior to adding our address to your whitelist, and did not receive it in your Inbox, please check your Junk folders.

How do I unsubscribe to your event alerts?

On every event alert you receive there is_ an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. You can also unsubscribe by signing in to your account and amending your subscriptions on the Alert Preferences tab.

Contact Us

How do I contact Ticketline?

If your query is not answered here in our FAQs, please contact our in-house Customer Services team.

Your Order

How do I know my order has gone through?

The final stage of the order process confirms if your order has been successful or not. Once an order is completed you will receive an Order Reference number which is unique to that particular order. This will also be emailed to you.
If you do not receive an order number, this means that your order may not have successfully completed. If this is the case, please contact Customer Services.

I haven't received a confirmation email. What should I do?

During busy periods it can take up to 24 hours for the confirmation email to arrive in your inbox.

To ensure that you receive your confirmation email please add to your address book. If you do not receive your confirmation email within 24 hours, please check your junk/spam folders before contacting Customer Services.

Can I track the progress of my order?

You may track your order progress from the Order Tracking page by entering your Customer Reference and Order Reference from the confirmation email in the boxes provided.

Why can't I buy tickets for several events in one order and pay just one shipment fee?

Unlike most things you can order online where the goods are ready and waiting to be sent out, and so can be combined into one package for shipment, depending on the event we might receive tickets from venues or promoters several months or a few weeks before the event takes place, so unfortunately due to the nature of the industry it is not possible to send different tickets out together.

Why do I need an order number?

Your order number is the final stage in confirming that your order has completed and uniquely identifies your order should you have a query on it. By quoting this number in any correspondence that you have with Ticketline, we can swiftly trace your order and answer any questions that you may have. You will receive a unique order number for every order that you make with Ticketline, which you will need to retain should a query arise.

Can I order by phone?

Yes you can purchase by phone from real people based in our Manchester office, click here to find out about other ways to buy.

Can I get a physical ticket, rather than a mobile e-ticket?

For the majority of our events we offer the choice between physical tickets which are posted to you, or mobile e-tickets which are sent to you via email. You can select your preferred delivery method when purchasing your tickets.

Can I order if I live outside the UK and do you mail my tickets to me?

Yes. We can send tickets to your postal address provided there is enough time to allow for International delivery. In the event we suspect the tickets will not have time to arrive with you, we will contact you via email to make alternative arrangements. If possible, we recommend that you choose to receive e-tickets.

Can I order VIP tickets or corporate hospitality packages?

VIP tickets or corporate hospitality packages are available for certain events. Where we are selling these they will appear as an option during the booking process. Alternatively, such tickets will be advertised on the event's webpage where available.

Can I change the names assigned to the tickets in my order?

For some events, the organisers ask you to provide the name of each person attending the event, and each ticket is then specifically assigned to that person. If you wish to change a name after ordering, this may be possible for certain events, although may be subject to a fee, please contact Customer Services and have your order reference ready.

What are your standard terms and conditions of sale?

Click here to view our Terms and Conditions.


Why can I see a pending payment on my online banking but haven't received an order number?

This can occur when your payment is authorised, but the booking fails to go through. Although we automatically cancel any payment authorisation codes with the bank as soon as a booking fails to complete, it can take up to 2 days for your bank to clear the pending payment.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard. We also take Apple Pay and Google Pay where your device supports it.

How quickly is money charged to my credit/debit card?

Your credit card is charged by us as soon as your tickets are purchased, however it can take up to 7 days for the money to be debited from your account. Although tickets may not be sent out to you for some months, the tickets are secured for you as soon as your card is charged.

How do you securely store my card details?

We partner with Stripe to provide card booking services. Stripe uses best-in-class security practices to maintain a high level of security. All card details are entered directly on Stripe's secure payment site.

After payment is made these details are encrypted and stored by Stripe so that you can easily use them again. You can store more than one card number to give you more flexibility when booking.

We do not store any of your card information on our servers or in our offices. All card information is stored by Stripe at their secure data centre.

Why do you charge a booking fee?

We do not get paid by the event organiser for selling tickets. Instead we charge a small booking fee per ticket and a processing fee per transaction that has been agreed with the event organiser or venue and is split with them.
This is the only income that we receive from our service. Ticketline's share of this booking fee, after being subject to VAT, covers all the costs associated with running our business, including paying our wonderful staff, upkeep of our booking systems, card processing fees and all other costs that enable us to provide you with an impeccable service and access to life changing experiences.
We try to keep the booking fee as low as possible to provide you with your tickets at the best value. Sometimes the booking fee will include a Facility Fee that is charged by certain venues. This is collected by us on behalf of the venue and is usually used for upkeep or towards renovation of a venue. We do not retain any of this fee.

Why do you charge to send tickets?

The fee that we charge per transaction, regardless of the number of tickets in the order, covers the cost of printing, posting and packaging physical tickets where applicable.
Alternatively, if you choose to receive e-tickets the fee goes towards the installation, maintenance and upkeep of our software, digital scanners and gate entry systems enabling you to gain seamless access to your chosen event.

How do Ticketline work to combat identity fraud?

Our system conducts address checks on every single purchase made verifying that the billing address matches the registered bank account address. We also monitor ticket buying behaviour and flag anything suspicious, preventing touting.
We are a member of Visa and MasterCard's 3D secure payments scheme where the customer may be asked to verify their identity directly with their bank as part of the online order process.

Do you sell gift cards?

Ticketline Gift Cards are available in denominations of £10, £25, £50 and £100. Click here for more information or to order a gift card.

Refunds & Exchanges

An event has been cancelled, what should I do next?

When an event is cancelled, we will do our best to inform you as soon as possible after we are notified by the event organisers. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the event for which you have booked is taking place on the date scheduled.
If we require return of your tickets, we will contact you with details of what to do. We will refund the face value of any tickets you have ordered, once authorised by the event organizer, however the booking fee and transaction fee are non-refundable. This is due to the circumstances being beyond our control.
Our charges cover the service of providing you with tickets and where necessary keeping you up to date and processing your refund. Where tickets are cancelled it actually involves additional work and card processing costs which we do not seek to redeem.

An event has been rescheduled, what should I do next?

When an event is rescheduled, we will do our best to inform you as soon as possible after we are notified by the event organisers. Your tickets will remain valid for the new date unless we advise you differently. It is your responsibility to ensure that the event for which you have booked is taking place on the date it was scheduled for when you booked.

If you are unable to attend, you can request a face value refund of the tickets by contacting Customer Services a week before the new date or 1 week after you have been notified of the change, whichever is the earlier.

Why don't you refund booking fees if an event is cancelled or rescheduled?

When an event has been cancelled or rescheduled due to circumstances outside of our control, we will refund the face value of tickets if authorised by the event organizer, but not the booking or processing fees.
We understand that this can be frustrating for you. However, the booking fees cover our charges for providing you with a service to get your tickets and where applicable informing you of changes to an event, refunding of the ticket price or authorising your ticket for a rescheduled performance.
When an event is cancelled or rescheduled we actually have to do a lot more work and incur further card processing fees for which we get no additional income.

What is Ticketplan cancellation protection?

Ticketplan is an additional third party service that protects you against cancellation resulting from accidents and unexpected illnesses. Booking refund protection is an optional service that We offer administered by Ticketplan. It is not an insurance policy. Full details are included in the TicketPlan terms and conditions. You can find out more about TicketPlan here.

If a concert is sold out are extra tickets ever released?

Occasionally extra tickets are made available for certain events. If you are subscribed to our event alerts you will usually be notified of any extra ticket allocations or new dates for the popular concerts. Click here to sign up.
You should also check if any tickets are available to purchase via our ethical resale platform Fanticks.

What is your policy on refunds?

Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged after you have completed a purchase except for in the following circumstances:

  • If we fail to fulfil an order as a result of any negligence, or similar act or omission of our own or in breach of contract. In these circumstances you will be entitled to a full refund including any booking fee charged.
  • If an event is cancelled, rescheduled or there are significant changes to the event, namely a change of the headline act or venue and you no longer wish to attend the event, we will refund the face value of the ticket(s) to the card that was used to pay for them, once we have been authorised to do so by the event organiser.

For rescheduled or materially altered events we may ask you to return the tickets before we can process a refund. Where this is the case, it is your responsibility to ensure that we receive any tickets that you return so we recommend that all tickets that need to be returned are sent by secure post to:

PO Box 4061,
M60 1YT

We cannot accept responsibility for tickets that we do not receive.

Although we will always attempt to notify you when an event is cancelled, postponed or materially changed, it is your responsibility to ensure that an event is going ahead as advised at the time of order.
If you are unable to attend, you can list your tickets for resale via our ethical resale platform Fanticks.

What is Fanticks?

Fanticks is Our fan-to-fan ethical ticket re-sell marketplace that puts fans first and enables them to buy and sell spare or unwanted tickets to events in the UK, priced at the face value or less.

I can no longer make the event for which I have booked. Can I exchange my tickets for another day or show?

Unfortunately not. We regret that we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges unless an event is cancelled, postponed or there has been a material alteration. If you are unable to attend, you can list your tickets for resale via our ethical resale platform Fanticks

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