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Trying to put WSTRN into words is about as futile as trying to box them up and simply market them as a reiteration of something that’s come before. It’s the music that guides them. They pursue what gets them going, and in so doing, they end up discovering boundaries that were made to be crossed. They’d happily jump on a bashment rhythm and put it through some eighties pop production just to see the result. The one constant being that they’re honest and trusting enough with themselves and each other to instinctively know where to take things. With a bright future ahead and a stockpile of potential hits in the bag, all three would like to take it as far as it can go.

Ultimately, WSTRN’s music is the celebration of life. Its creators are bound by a deep chemistry and a shared experience that solidifies their familial bond. They have each had personal pitfalls, like everyone else, but the guiding principal in their lives has been the wealth of music and melody all around them. They’re the romantics of London’s urban music scene, eschewing posing and false bravado in favour of something more universal and collective: a feeling of reciprocal joy. After the raving around ‘In2’ has passed, you can bet they’ll have planned ahead, ready to drop a new track and increase their fanbase exponentially. The music scene is changing, time is speeding up and today’s big fad will be yesterday’s news tomorrow. Amidst all this, WSTRN have a shot at permanence, their complete disregard for scene politics and their unpretentious approach to music making aligns them with their heroes in their pursuit of something honest. It’s early days but already WSTRN’s star is ascending, far beyond the reach of all the copycats.

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