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Guitarist/Vocalist Davy Vain founded Vain in 1986 in San Francisco, CA, after recording a demo in the studio that was produced by Metalica's Kirk Hammett. The songs hit hard and the recording captured the intensity of Davy's unique vocal style. With demo tape in hand, Davy set out to put together a band that could take over the world. Each band member was selected for their looks, musical chops and their belief in Davy's vision of what the band would be all about.

By late '86, the lineup was complete: Vain was Davy (vocals) Ashley Mitchell (bass), Danny West (guitar), Jamie Scott (guitar) and local thrash drummer Tommy Rickard.

After their first show, Vain was an instant headlining club band with a string of sold-out shows that caught the eye of the music press. Most notably, Kerrang! magazine which featured Vain on it's cover before they were even signed. By the end of 1987, Vain was showcasing for major recording labels and signed in 1988 with Island Records. Davy was also developing his passion for record producer and handled the production duties for Death Angel's 'The Ultra-violence' released by Enigma Records.

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