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Purge, Hardtail and Boddickers Tickets


Purge are an alternative/grunge rock band situated in Greater Manchester. We combine a variety of influences from funk grooves to punk riff's to create a truly original sound!


Hardtail are a 4 piece rock band from the Northwest of England, Formed late in 2010 after performing together in their previous band. After a quick discussion, they decided that hardtail would be bigger, better and heavier, and so set forth writing new rocking material.

We find that many different rock bands influence us, and this in turn has a direct impact on the music we create. It has been said (believe it
or not) that the contents of our ipods resemble your average sock draw. A bit of every kind of rock that doesn't quite seem to match up, but it makes perfect sense to us! As our own songs are borne from our passion of diversity in music, it has to be said that the roots of our musical foundations lie firmly in rock.

After performing thier first gig in January 2011, Hardtail are now
playing all over the Northwest bringing heavy rock to the masses!


A band ethos or not, in a time where bands are too eager to please and pander to a very predictable popularity, you have to admire Boddickers’ refreshing honesty.

Although only a trio, they’ve made their sound – a waterfall of reverb drenched delayed guitars, bass that effortlessly glides in and out of soulful melody and floor shaking thunder, the bomb-like calm tension and explosive, destroying drum beats, filthy distortion, ethereal
synths andemotionally charged vocals – into something that looks
unfathomable. There’s so much going on but it’s not in any way too much. It’s complimentary, controlled all combining – capturing every thought and occupying every space, every moment and every nuance. It is no surprise that the group shares comparison with Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Deftones and Tool to name but a few…

The control, dynamic and tightness of the band’s live performances are
testament to Boddickers’ regimental and fanatical devotion to their music and their rigorous work ethic in both the practice room and on the road. It really needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Lyrically, the songs come from the heart and mind and their relationship to modern society. Frustrated with a staid generation of inert clones, Litherland’s lyrics don’t command as much as they encourage to educate you and to embrace life and the earth with open arms and an open mind. Not to worry – the catchy choruses are in abundance!

As well as being a jaw-dropping live musical unit, Boddickers see part of their future in dominating the video scene. Making a video for every song recorded with scenes set to make you laugh, wonder,
reflect, be entertained and endlessly repeat. Friends and contacts are in the progress of creating a network which will make sure Boddickers will be seen online when either searched for or when people are looking for a band they already like who are in the similar style to Boddickers.

The band is fully aware of how much online potential they can have, mainly with videos. Their DIY videos conjoined with their music, beliefs, sensibilities and humour act as promo for every song they
record and every major announcement the band need to make. With this constant online presence they believe great things can be achieved under their own steam and even greater things when more people get involved. It’s in their best interests to try something new and create something from scratch that can be admired and followed.

Boddickers’ 2012 will bring new recordings – this first of which is planned for early March, more videos, a hell of a load of live shows and who knows what else.               

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