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Parkers Reunion Tickets

Due to the huge response to their first reunion, Manchester's legendary club night Parkers is back on Christmas Bank Holiday Tuesday!

Parkers - A Legendary Manchester Club

In early 1989 , two local DJs , Richard Searling and Dean Johnson ran a record shop in Manchester.

Frustrated at not having a venue locally in which to play the quality soul music they were selling so much of , the approached their local Manchester City centre hotel which had nor long been open, Parkers.

On seeing the function room and realising the hotel management were as keen as they were, a monthly Saturday night was scheduled and promoted through the then extremely influential radio outlet, Sunset Radio.   

Parkers took off straight away with travellers from all around the UK blending in with the Manchester modern soul fraternity, many of whom were influenced so much by the "Parkers vibe" of upfront and current mixed with ridiculously hard-to-find rare grooves that they themselves later became DJs.

Richard (best known for his residency at the legendary Wigan Casino (1974-81) and Dean Johnson , a veteran DJ from the Hacienda and the Gallery, hit it off straight away, with each playing their own styles of soul and jazz and in the process creatin g something very special for Manchester.

The night ran until 1993 when sadly the hotel had to close, but the Parkers legacy lives on and our 3rd Re-Union night takes place just after Christmas at the Band on the Wall, geographically a stone's throw from the  original Parkers hotel,

Parkers Reunion Dates & Tickets

Sorry, we don't have any Parkers Reunion tickets on sale at the moment.

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