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Holistic Massage (45 mins)
The Spa massage - only better! A therapist who responds to your lifestyle, your body, your feelings at the time of the massage and creates the best massage possible for you. You may want a Swedish style flowing massage, or deep tissue work, to feel relaxed or rejuvenated. Tell your therapist what you are looking for and feel the magic flow.

Sports Massage (45 mins)
By combining massage skills with an advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology, your therapist is able to influence specific structures such as muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. This can reduce pain, restore normal movement, help recovery from injury and correct postural problems.

Shiatsu (45 mins)
In shiatsu our innate self-healing process is activated by bringing the body back to a state of balance, leading to a vibrant space of calm inner peace. The therapist connects physically and deeply with your whole being using stretches, rotations, and a listening touch, to resonate with meridians. Shiatsu takes place fully clothed.

Reflexology (45 mins)
Not just for people who ‘don't want the full massage'. Reflexologists may only touch the feet and lower legs but they are working with your full body. Feel the impact of truly allowing the connection within your body and mind.

Reiki (45 mins)
Our wonderful therapists will work with you to create a healing environment with universal energy through touch. Activating your own natural healing processes, they can help to restore your physical and emotional wellbeing. Please note that this can be a very powerful experience and as such we cannot work with anyone who is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Parent and Child Reiki (45 mins)
A very special reiki which you and your child experience together. Our therapists will work with you both to promote the flow of universal energy - promoting wellness both physically and emotionally. Not only will it increase the connections between you and your child but it can also help you both feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

If you would like to book a ‘couples massage' where you will receive your treatments in the same tent (though separated by a modesty screen) please book two treatments at the same time and email to confirm your names and that this is what you would like to do. We will then do everything we can to accommodate this.

Nature Runs with Lucy
Temporarily leave the popstars and rockstars behind, as we venture off-site to explore the beautiful natural surroundings of the Lulworth Estate with a Nature Run.
Just as the name suggests, we'll combine two elements - nature and running - to kick start those endorphins and leave you feeling energised for the day ahead.
Beginning with mobilisation exercises to prepare our bodies and conscious breathing to prepare our minds, we will set our intentions for the session ahead.
Moving as a group through the festival site and then on to the surrounding trails, we will concentrate on the simple pleasure of motion. Pausing along the way to notice the connection between ourselves and the natural environment, you'll be encouraged to consider this form of mindful attention.
Returning to the festivities we'll finish with stretches and a group chorus of Ziggy Stardust before showering in glitter, which will stick nicely to our sweat.
The session is suitable for all levels. Glitter not included."

Chair Massage
Some of our wonderful therapists will be roaming the site with massage chairs - providing you with massage wherever you need it. At just £1/minute there's no good reason not to. Look out for the wonderful Bryn and his magic healing hands - as well as the rest of the team who will be able to provide a quick massage just to help you chill out or deal with those inevitable festival aches and pains. This is not bookable online.

Thai Yoga Massage
This beautiful ancient healing art combines work with pressure points, stretches and energy flow. Finding stillness within movement you will leave feeling relaxed, revitalized and rejuvenated. Thai yoga massage takes place fully clothed - please wear clothes you can move easily in (e.g. loose clothes or leggings).

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage
Working with energy and breathwork your therapist will combine deep tissue massage strokes, gentle manipulation and Thai yoga massage inspired stretches to release tensions in both body and mind, leaving you revitalised and reconnected. This therapy includes the use of oils, Auyverdic herbs and is completed on a floor mat.


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