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British blues artist Laurence Jones is often labelled “the future of the blues,” but this has to be factually incorrect, doesn’t it? 
He’s HERE and NOW - socking it to audiences around the world. Blowin’ the roof off every time. 
Several major awards. Selling serious numbers of his four solo albums. His fourth “Take Me High” just released - produced by legendary producer Mike Vernon. 
Does that sound like someone working at being “something” and “somebody” in the future? He’s not practicing. It’s not a rehearsal. He’s DEADLY serious and damn good at what he does. 
Hailed as “one to watch” as a teenager by the blues media, concert/festival bookers, blues fans and various guitar stars alike, young Laurence really has come of age. The blues cub has become a man with a plan. Turning heads and making jaws drop with his take-no-prisoners, incendiary live set and his stunning records. 
Laurence and his crack band - Laurence Jones on vocals and guitars, Roger Inniss on bass and Phil Wilson on drums/backing vocals - put the power into “power trio” - with their modern day blues rock with an edge. He sings, he plays and he writes – a triple threat – and he does so like a veteran of three times his age. 
You can tell this is far more than a job by the Cheshire cat grin glued to his face during every gig. LJ LIVES to play that guitar. He LOVES to play that guitar. He just HAS to play that guitar………
You’d never know that Laurence copes with a debilitating health issue, Crohn’s Disease, a serious inflammatory bowel disease, which means he has to spend a whole day in hospital every eight weeks. He also needs to watch his diet carefully, pretty hard when your life is spent on the road on tour. 
Laurence has raised money for "Crohns and Colitis UK" and is very grateful for the care and help he has received from the medical team at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in the UK.

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