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Box and Cox is a riotous Victorian farce, first produced in 1847.Mrs Bouncer rents the same apartment to two men – Box, a printer, and Cox, a hatter. The former occupies the room during the day, the latter during the night. They meet on the stairs when one comes in from work as the other is going out, but neither has any idea that Mrs Bouncer is letting his room to the other. Can Mrs Bouncer keep her secret, or will all be revealed?

Don’t Blame It On The Boots - As an amateur theatre company endeavours to put on a production of Hamlet tensions grow as romantic relationships, a lack of talent, and an ill-fitting pair of boots take centre stage. Macbeth might be the cursed play, but director Kate is finding Hamlet can have its fair share of problems as Ophelia’s youth, Eric’s wandering eye and Liz’s father’s boots all come together to jeopardise her vision. But as tradition dictates, no matter what happens, the show must go on!

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