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Colours of Cluny 2017

Cluny Hill in Forres is set to be ablaze with colour this November in Forres Features Community Interest Company’s 2nd sound and light show, the spectacular COLOURS OF CLUNY.


With the massive success of the show in 2016, this year’s show promises to be even more spectacular and magical.

With over 20,000 tickets available for this light and sound extravaganza, the production is brought to you a number of the team members who have worked extensively in bringing to reality the hugely successful Enchanted Forest event in Pitlochry.

The spectacular sound and light show is set to highlight the beauty of Cluny Hill in a blaze of colour and sound this November and is expected to attract thousands of visitors to the area.

Colours of Cluny is a run by a Community Interest Company which effectively means any surplus is used to fund the following year’s event and support local causes. This year’s event will cost over £140,000 to stage and its viability very much depends on external funding and a huge number of volunteers and companies/ organisations who provide services at no or minimal cost.

We are delighted with the very positive feedback we received following the 2016 event. We have analysed your comments and delighted that so many people are so complimentary regarding what they saw, but equally appreciate it was felt by some that a review of admission prices would help the event become more accessible.

We are hopeful that at least 20,000 attend our 2017 event and we want to event to be accessible to as many people as possible. With greater numbers expected to attend we have reviewed the pricing structure and in most cases our prices are lower than in 2016 with the differential between attending on a Friday or Saturday, compared to other nights, much reduced.

For Your Safety


You are free to explore the sights and sounds of Colours of Cluny in your own time and at your own pace. Please remember that Colours of Cluny is an outdoor event and safety guidelines will apply.

For your own safety please keep to the official trail. Please do not touch the equipment or cabling as it may be very hot or carrying electricity. If a site steward issues you with any instructions, for your own safety please comply with their request. Cluny Hill can be steep in parts so take your time and rest as required.

Colours of Cluny is an outdoors event. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear. We strongly recommend warm, waterproof clothing with stout walking shoes or boots.

All designated paths will be lit to ensure your safe movement along the pathways. Please feel free to bring a small torch for use in the unlikely event of a power failure. We would ask you only to use them in the event of an emergency as to do otherwise will spoil the lighting effects and other peoples enjoyment.

Children aged 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

No dogs except guide dogs allowed.

There will be stewards situated around the site should you need any help or information.

It is not recommended that photo sensitive epileptics attend Colours of Cluny in 2017. While no single source of lighting regularly strobes at high frequency, the volume of light fixtures on site could raise the frequency of light flashes and strobing across multiple sources to a level where it may be considered unsafe for people who are affected by photo-sensitive epilepsy.

Due to the geography of Cluny Hill this event is not recommended for people with mobility issues. The climb is too steep for wheelchair users.

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