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Antic Cafe (アンティック-珈琲店-, nicknamed An Cafe) are a pop rock band formed in 2003 in Tokyo, Japan and signed to the indie label LOOP ASH RECORDS, as well as Gan-Shin for European distribution. They are an oshare kei band but also a self-described “Harajuku Dance Rock” band. They have released five full-length albums and three EPs. They announced after their live on January 4, 2010 at the Nippon Budokan that they would suspend activities and put the band on hiatus. They stated that they however will not disband.

An Cafe formed in May of 2003 when vocalist みく (Miku), newcomer guitarist 坊 (Bou), and bassist カノン (Kanon), who all hail from the Kantou area of Japan, met each other on an unnamed Internet message board while searching for other individuals with interest similar to their own, specifically people looking for musicians. Still without a drummer, the band held their first demonstration at Akasaka L@N on June 6 with their second demonstration at Urawa NARCISS on June 17. Antic Cafe distributed 50 copies of their first demo, “Ope●ng,” in MiniDisc format at the second live.

At their debut live at Ikebukuro CYBER on July 2, the group sold their second demo MD “Uzumaki Senshokutai / Hatsukoi.” The two demos were self-released and their last releases without a label. At their Ikebukuro CYBER live on August 10, they announced their new drummer 輝喜 (Teruki), ex-drummer for the band feathers-blue. His first concert with the group was on September 22 at Urawa NARCISS.

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