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ABBA THE SHOW has had its world premiere back in September 2001. It was in Ibsenhuset in a city called Skien in Norway. From day one it was a HUGE success. The Norwegian newspapers wrote spectacular reviews in the following days. When a newspaper then wrote "I hope the original four ABBAs see the show and become proud. They could hardly have done it better themselves." - everybody knew it WAS and IS a success!!!

Then 3rd October 2003 The Official International ABBA Fanclub saw the show in Maastricht Holland together with more than 5,000 other "crazy" spectators. The chairman of the Fanclub, Helga van de Kar, was extremely (over) excited after the show and said afterwards to the producer Kenneth Svoldgaard: "For sure the best coverband/show we saw so far ! Some moments really would make you think you are looking at ABBA. What really made me happy was to see all those 5000 people enjoying the show; dancing and singing along! This makes ABBA still alive! I myself sang along with all the lines, couldn't help doing so. The people in Brighton were thinking about having Björn Again but as soon as I heard that I said why not ABBA THE SHOW, this is so much better. And of course the ex-ABBA musicians is also an extra attraction. To be very honest that was for us the reason to come and see your show! ... I'm glad we did as it was a very nice experience! We sure recommend this show to everyone else in the future! "

A few weeks after the show in Holland, the producer Kenneth Svoldgaard, received an email from the chairman of the Fanclub saying "Here is our thoughts and feelings about ABBA THE SHOW written down in short quotes": Absolutely the best ABBA since ABBA It truly feels like ABBA is still Alive It truly feels like ABBA lives on It truly feels like you are looking at ABBA It truly feels like you are hearing ABBA The true ABBA experience The one and only ABBA since ABBA

ABBA THE SHOW has performed more than 3 times as many shows than the original ABBA (130 vs. 416 as per 1st June 2010) and for more than 2 million people worldwide (33 different countries – see below). The biggest show was in Sao Paolo with nearly 70,000 people!!! ABBA THE SHOW has toured: USA, CANADA, FINLAND, ESTONIA, NORWAY, SWEDEN, DENMARK, HOLLAND, GERMANY, AUSTRIA, LUXEMBURG, SWITZERLAND, BELGIUM, ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, WALES, IRELAND, NORTHERN IRELAND, SPAIN, ITALY, INDIA, JAPAN, THE PHILIPPINES, KAZAKHSTAN, MALTA, CYPRUS, MOROCCO, FAROE ISLANDS, HUNGARY, CZECH REPUBLIC, SLOVAKIA, SLOVENIA & BRAZIL ABBA THE SHOW has performed at the World Famous Hollywood Bowl 3 times (2004, 2009 & 2010) where 18,000 (nearly sold out every time) joined the ABBA fever. 2004 was definetely a highlight as the show has never performed for such a big crowd before. The complete crowd were waiting and screaming anxiously for Dancing Queen which of course was one of the very last songs performed. When the intro of the songs was played the entire Hollywood Bowl was about to explode in joy - what a night, what an audience, what an experience. Hollywood Bowl was and still is the highlight of ABBA THE SHOW's history!!! This show has for sure surprised many many people worldwide - and it intend to keep doing so.

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