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Audiences in the North of England and Scotland first discovered Mrs Brown over ten years ago, when Mrs Brown went on to break box office records in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Sunderland, Glasgow and Edinburgh. O’Carroll is looking forward to going back to the UK stage; 'People have really taken Mrs Brown to their hearts. I think she reminds them of their own Mammies….fierce and scary, but full of love'.

'Mrs Brown’s Boys' TV series made its debut on BBC ONE in February of this year and proved an automatic ratings smash for Mrs Agnes Brown, so much so that Auntie Beeb has already commissioned a second series which will return later this year. Brendan O’Carroll has attributed his TV series’ success to the economic climate and to the British audience’s yearning for better times; 'The funny thing about it is that basically I’m doing what I’ve been doing for many years, but I think it’s just a question of timing. We’re in a recession and people are scared, people are a bit down, so they need a laugh first of all, and traditionally, no matter who you are, comedy always does well in a recession….but in this particular case, people also get nostalgic. In a recession everyone wants to look back at the times when Summers were longer, the Christmases were brighter and family life was better, so I think it’s a very old-fashioned sitcom. The timing just happened to be right for us and people are loving it, thank God'.

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